Leg Pain Relief in Pooler 
by Will Forrester

I’m a fairly young guy and have always been relatively healthy. I try to keep in shape but let me be honest I’ve always been a “once every few weeks” rather than “three or four times each week” kind of guy when it comes to exercise. But, if I wanted to go for a short run, even three or four miles, I could usually do that. Yeah, I’d be sore for a day or two, but I have always basically been able to do what I want. That is until a few years ago. I started experiencing leg pain. Just in my right leg. But worse than the usual soreness from out-of-shape calf muscles

At first I just tried to stretch a little more than I had been, but my right calf was REALLY tight, way worse than I had ever experienced before. And no matter how much I stretched, I felt like it wasn’t really doing much to help loosen up the muscle at all. I was taking Advil, then taking it more frequently, then I was taking the maximum dosage. Tried Aleve. But when the medicine wore off, the pain was back. It would ease up during the day, but at night it got to be unbearable. I was waking up at 5am in massive pain. Then waking up at 4am. Then 3am. And only in the right leg

I had never heard of sciatica before. Well, that’s what it was. The sciatic nerve was being pinched, and it was causing me to experience excruciating leg pain, only in one leg (which is typical of sciatica). 
If you’re experiencing leg pain of any kind, I hope you will do what I did and make an appointment with Dr. Steve Ranicki in Pooler, GA. Ranicki Chiropractic has an amazing team, and Dr. Ranicki is an encyclopedia of health and wellness knowledge. And he is an expert chiropractor. Before you look for medicines or injections or contemplate having surgery, please take the time to research how chiropractic care can improve and likely correct entirely any problems with leg pain you are experiencing. 

Back in 2011, I was waking up in pain. I was limping to work. I was wondering why I was battling health limitations at a seemingly young age. Today, after seeing Dr. Ranicki, I feel younger than I ever have. I can hop, skip, or jump to work if I want to. Life is good. No more leg pain.
Back Pain RELIEF
by Will Forrester 

Years ago I used to experience some pretty terrible back pain. Right in the middle of my lower back, particularly on stressful days at work, by the end of the day I would be looking for opportunities to get alone and try to stretch it out, put some heat on it, something. And I was used to it. I always told myself it was because I was really stressed and out of shape. Of course, when I would try to get in shape, the throbbing would get even worse… for a while. If I stuck with the exercise regimen, I would notice it would improve slightly. Which would only confirm would I (wrongly) believed, that I just needed more exercise – even though exercise wasn’t completely eradicating the problem. Oh, and I also took Advil and Aleve and other meds like that. I guess I figured this was just what people who worked out did. 

This went on for a few years, and interestingly, my back pain improved a bit on its own. I didn’t notice it so much anymore – only when I exercised, which was less regularly, so I didn’t have to deal with the pain. Not good. Finally my back problems shifted I supposed and I began experiencing sciatica. 

Which finally drove me to investigating chiropractic care for the first time. As I’ve written previously, my sciatica improved in short order. In the process of getting treatment, I began to actually experience back pain from time to time again – my back problem had become so severe that I was actually numb—this was why my pain had seemingly gotten better! In fact, I was in danger of having very severe back problems which would only get progressively worse. 

And today, my back pain is no longer an issue. I can exercise all I want. I never--NEVER—have to (or want to) take any pain killers or anti-inflammatories any longer. I don’t need them. 

If you are in the Pooler area, I would highly recommend making an appointment to see Dr. Ranicki for an evaluation. How I wish I could have gotten help for my back pain years ago, rather than allowing the places where my spine was misaligned to continue untreated for so long! But even if you, like me, have endured back pain for a long, long time, it’s never too late to begin to bring some actual relief to the sites where the pain is coming from! It’s so much better than just popping a pill to tell your brain to pretend the throbbing or ache it is feeling isn’t there.
I’m Not Lovin It 

by Will Forrester

I had been coming to see Dr. Ranicki for at least several weeks before my eyes happened to glance over at the shelf across from the reception area. I had to do a little double take when I realized there was a real McDonald’s hamburger and fries sitting OUT. On a plate. Most people don’t leave uneaten food displayed as a decoration on a shelf in a reception area. Then I noticed the sign. 

Dr. Ranicki saw me staring at the hamburger. I couldn’t help but gawk. I mean, it was a little dry, but it looked EXACTLY like what I had ordered so many times in my life. All somebody needed to do was say a blessing and we could eat. Okay, full disclosure, I generally ordered the Quarter Pounder or the Big Mac, but you get the idea. This food had not changed. And at the time it was well over a year. 

That’s when I noticed Dr. Ranicki standing beside me. I think I said, “Is this for real? I can’t believe it!” I’ll never forget his words. “Yeah, you know we don’t have a bug problem down here. Bugs will not eat this. And mold will not eat it. But you will.” 

If I’m not mistaken a flurry of thoughts began to crowd my mind, the first one being, how is it that bugs and mold have more sense about their diet than humans do? Don’t we believe in progress or evolution or survival of the fittest or something? How could my species have sunk so low? Surely we have not become dumber than bugs and mold! 

If you don’t believe it, try the experiment for yourself. You can probably pick most any food chain in America. Even better, as a control sample use some organic beef to make your own hamburger and make some homemade bread without preservatives. I imagine within a week or two you won’t be able to walk in the room. Because real food is supposed to decompose. Real food is attractive to bugs and mold and such. 

Which leads to the major questionIf what we are eating is not decomposing, is it really food? And if it’s not food, then what exactly are we eating?
How’s Your Ride? 
Will Forrester 

Do you remember your first car? Even better, do you remember the freedom that driving your own car gave you? The exhilaration of being able to go where you want to go whenever you want (as long as you have gas money, of course!). There really is nothing quite like a fine automobile and what it can do for your soul.

We Americans love our cars. We spend a lot of money on them. Have you ever tried to think of how much money you have invested in these things that transport us around from place to place? When you think about gas, insurance, repairs, and of course the amount of cash you have to save up to buy one (or the size of those monthly payments!), we invest a LOT of time and energy and money into our mechanical transportation. 

But there is something even more important that we travel around in than our cars and trucks. Every one of us travels around in a body. You have yours and I have mine. And you’ve probably already heard the fascinating statistics on how quickly the cells in our bodies replace themselves. You have entirely new skin every thirty days. Other parts take months or years to replicate themselves. But the “you” that you’re traveling around in now—regardless of how long you’ve been alive--your body is only around ten years old. Crazy, huh? Kinda makes you wish you could go back and eat a few more salads over the past ten years, right? Because what we are eating today, our regular eating habits now, will directly impact how young we look and feel as our body replaces itself. 

But I have kind of a weird question for you. Who are you? If your body is always replacing itself, then who is the “you” that is traveling around in that body? Because we retain memories and experiences and wisdom gained for more than ten years. Yet the body we travel in is constantly in flux. Of course, scientists and philosophers disagree on what the essence of who we actually are is. Some believe we have an eternal soul. Some believe we’re just synapses firing in our brains. Some believe we have a spiritual essence of some sort. We can all disagree and discuss this forever. 

My question is, regardless of what you believe about what the essence of *you* really is… how are you taking care of *you*? And whether you believe you have a soul or a spirit or are just entirely organic matter, I think we can all agree that for however long we have here on earth, we are intimately connected to this body we are traveling around in. You can’t really separate how *you* are doing and feeling from how your body is doing and feeling. 

So how are you? Really. 
How is your body? Really? 
Are you healthy? 

Are you happy? 
Are you as healthy as you really want to be? 
Are you as healthy as you believe you can be? 

Maybe you’re not a total car nut. Maybe you never spent hours waxing your first car like so many did as a teenager. But most of us, car fiends or not, invest a lot of thought, time, energy and money into what we use for transportation, because we know it’s important to get where we need to go, and it’s also important how you feel when you’re “on the journey.” Getting there is half the fun when it comes to driving, so we want a nice, clean car if we can afford it.

At Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, they offer many services to help keep your body running smoothly. Visit the website, or drop by their office for more information.