How’s Your Ride? 
Will Forrester 

Do you remember your first car? Even better, do you remember the freedom that driving your own car gave you? The exhilaration of being able to go where you want to go whenever you want (as long as you have gas money, of course!). There really is nothing quite like a fine automobile and what it can do for your soul.

We Americans love our cars. We spend a lot of money on them. Have you ever tried to think of how much money you have invested in these things that transport us around from place to place? When you think about gas, insurance, repairs, and of course the amount of cash you have to save up to buy one (or the size of those monthly payments!), we invest a LOT of time and energy and money into our mechanical transportation. 

But there is something even more important that we travel around in than our cars and trucks. Every one of us travels around in a body. You have yours and I have mine. And you’ve probably already heard the fascinating statistics on how quickly the cells in our bodies replace themselves. You have entirely new skin every thirty days. Other parts take months or years to replicate themselves. But the “you” that you’re traveling around in now—regardless of how long you’ve been alive--your body is only around ten years old. Crazy, huh? Kinda makes you wish you could go back and eat a few more salads over the past ten years, right? Because what we are eating today, our regular eating habits now, will directly impact how young we look and feel as our body replaces itself. 

But I have kind of a weird question for you. Who are you? If your body is always replacing itself, then who is the “you” that is traveling around in that body? Because we retain memories and experiences and wisdom gained for more than ten years. Yet the body we travel in is constantly in flux. Of course, scientists and philosophers disagree on what the essence of who we actually are is. Some believe we have an eternal soul. Some believe we’re just synapses firing in our brains. Some believe we have a spiritual essence of some sort. We can all disagree and discuss this forever. 

My question is, regardless of what you believe about what the essence of *you* really is… how are you taking care of *you*? And whether you believe you have a soul or a spirit or are just entirely organic matter, I think we can all agree that for however long we have here on earth, we are intimately connected to this body we are traveling around in. You can’t really separate how *you* are doing and feeling from how your body is doing and feeling. 

So how are you? Really. 
How is your body? Really? 
Are you healthy? 

Are you happy? 
Are you as healthy as you really want to be? 
Are you as healthy as you believe you can be? 

Maybe you’re not a total car nut. Maybe you never spent hours waxing your first car like so many did as a teenager. But most of us, car fiends or not, invest a lot of thought, time, energy and money into what we use for transportation, because we know it’s important to get where we need to go, and it’s also important how you feel when you’re “on the journey.” Getting there is half the fun when it comes to driving, so we want a nice, clean car if we can afford it.

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