Kid-friendly Chiropractic

by Will Forrester 

If you do your research online you’ll quickly find out that Dr. Ranicki is imminently qualified to do great chiropractic work with children, with years of pediatric training and experience, he knows his stuff. I would like to add my own voice to this conversation – as a parent of three young children, I have experienced first-hand how “kid-friendly” the entire Ranicki Wellness organization is. Let’s face it, modern parents are picky. When we enter an environment, our antenna is up to see if the environment is safe and clean for our children. Which is why one of the most frequent phrases out of my mouth when I’m travelling with my children and we make a bathroom stop is, “Don’t touch anything.” You know what I mean. 

My family has been a part of the Ranicki Chiropractic family for almost three years, and the environment they have created is consistently flawless and perfect for children. The look and feel is incredible. It is always peaceful, inviting, and clean. You generally do not have to wait more than a couple minutes for an adjustment, but while you wait or while you are being adjusted, they have a huge shelf of wonderful books for children of all ages. There is a perfect little kid’s table with puzzles that my children always gravitate towards. But, as you know, most children have an attention span of only a few minutes depending on their age, so next they wander over to the huge, beautiful aquarium which is always stocked with beautiful, colorful tropical fish. They even have this little wooden stool that every child I have ever seen in there climbs so he or she can see the fish up close. And I cannot reiterate enough, if I have a crawler (which I do), I have absolutely no concern about letting her crawl throughout the facility, because you can just tell it is completely clean and safe for her. It’s rare that I feel that way in a public space. 

But the “Kid-friendly” goes way beyond the environment. It is something Dr. Ranicki and his staff embody. They know how to greet and meet children on their level and make them feel special. He even has an adjustment table just for children that is a fire truck. My girls LOVE it! Whether you are a veteran to chiropractic care or are just considering it for the first time, you will be so thrilled at how your children will feel at ease when they get adjusted. I’ve shared elsewhere how effective the care we have received for our children has been at Ranicki Chiropractic, but I hope you’ll also explore all the other wellness options for children that are available for your family. Whether you are experiences developmental milestone difficulties, troubles with emotions, or are potentially facing diagnoses along the autism spectrum, we have staff and programs that can be tailored to specifically meet your family’s needs. When we say we are “kid friendly” we mean that, and we mean all kids. We have seen even the most difficult situations improve not just slightly but significantly. We hope you’ll stop by for yourself and see how we can take your family to the next level of wellness and overall happiness in life!

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